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Friday, March 4, 2011

to do lists...

I am an addict! I can't help it, I get that rush and suddenly I must give in. I MUST make yet another -to do list-. When I was planning my wedding I started with one list and that list led to another and another and yes I even had "make to do list" on my lists. The wedding ended but the lists lived on. Every event, every dinner, every visitor, every redesign, every clean up, every clean out requires a to do list. Before Elsie arrived there were dozens of lists and now that she is here there are even more. Needless to say this blog is on my list right after re-arrange furniture ( that is always on my list, but that subject is for another post) So I thought I would share one of my latest -to do lists- on this blog. This way I can post my progress because I am pretty sure the only thing better than crossing something off your to do list is documenting your to do's that a done.

This list is titled " To Do Eventually "

-Reupholster Couch
-Frame and Hang Mirror for Living Room
-Make a Cleaning Bucket and Cleaning Schedule
-Clean out Under-sinks
-Build Faux Fireplace Mantel
-Remodel Garage into Apartment / Studio (this naturally will inspire its own -to do list-)
-Make Faux Mercury Glass Vases
-Monthly Menu Plan / Grocery list
-Family Budget
-Paint Outside of Garage
-Fix / Update Pond
-Build Upholstered Ottomann with Storage
-Arrange Living Room Furniture
-Make Painting Station
-Put Pictures in Elsie's Room
- Add Curtains to Living Room
-Organize Garage Sale
-Make Under-Stairs Closet into Playhouse (another list...)
-Redesign Bedroom
-Upholster Chairs
-Make Dog Bed

So there you have it, I will keep you updated on my progress.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Already so big...

I am new to this Mommy thing... but there is one thing I know for sure, I love being Elsie's Mother. It is so true that just when your daughter pukes on you for the 7th time and you think you are going crazy, she smiles or laughs and naturally the puke doesn't matter. Every day I love her more, she makes me smile, she makes me laugh, I am proud to be hers and that she is mine.